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Career - Experienced Hires

We believe that people are the most critical asset of any business. We take immense pride in the development of our HumanCapians equipped with their expansive knowledge, vibrant career and rich personal experiences whilst helping to build our organization.
We are proud with our work that has impact on individuals, corporations, governments and the professional world. In the same stride, we also play a role to help shape the future of our communities. We are always looking for people who bring enthusiasm, creativity, intellectual curiosity and initiative to recruit for our diverse range of client industry groups.
To find out more about the different career options with HumanCap, please click below:

  • 1. Managing Consultant
  • 2. Change Manager
  • 3. Strategic/Corporate Communication Manager
  • 4. Change Management / HR Consultant
  • 5. Change Management / HR Analyst

If you wish to explore internship opportunities with us, please send your resume to career@humancap.com.my