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Change Management Consulting

Change Management Consulting Overview

Numerous researches have shown that large and complex change initiatives, be it a system implementation or total reorganisation, often fail due to ineffective change management. Change management is not just about introducing new technology or restructuring. It is equally important that stakeholders embrace the change and are equipped with the right knowledge and skills required to perform in the new environment. This will ensure a sustainable change.

HumanCap’s change management program is beyond basic communication and training. It focuses on both the programmatic and transformational change aspects:

Change Management Overview

Change Management Role

Change Management Consultant's Role

In the ever evolving business world, the need for innovation and heightened performances is only as important as the organisation’s ability to adapt itself to new trends and client needs.

Change management in any transformational programme is not just about introducing new technology or organisational restructuring. It is equally important that stakeholders embrace the change and are equipped with the right knowledge and skills required to perform in the new environment. This is what will ensure an effective and sustainable change.

Change Management Impact

Change Management Benefits

Technology, leadership or strategic changes are likely to have impacts on your employees and processes. Employees typically fear change as it represents the unknown. During any change initiatives, employees are often left uninformed, informed too late and therefore tend to make their own assumptions to fill in the information gap. Change management helps organisations to minimize the potential negative effects such as resistance from employees due to ignorance, and decline in productivity – which could delay or even obstruct the change implementation.

Change Management Consultancy Approach

Drawing on years of experience and satisfied clients; we have facilitated diverse organizations through our customized designs and solutions in fulfilling their vision of brilliance. As our loyal clients testify, HumanCap is truly dedicated in delivering a powerful partnership in ensuring sustainable and measurable success for our clients in Malaysia.

We customize.

Our trained change management consultants in Malaysia ensure that the uniqueness of our clients is captured, and we customize our change framework to suit each one of them. We encourage client-involvement in our design process and we understand that there is no single standard solution to a problem.

We understand the importance of continuity and sustainability.

We place an utmost focus on Transition Management. Our aim is to not only ensure that the 'change' takes place – but more importantly, for the 'change' to lasts for many years to come. Partnering with us means that you can rely on us for a comprehensive support system, both during and after implementation. Our change management solutions are crafted with a goal to help organizations become resilient and able to rapidly react and adapt to change in evolving markets.

We are local (Malaysia) with global expertise.

Being local, we understand your specific needs and able to incorporate them in our change approach. Unique characteristics such as local working culture and communication norms are addressed in the communications strategy, stakeholder engagement and training support, minimizing the scale of change the organization needs to face as well as better adaptability to new systems and processes. Meanwhile our global experience and expertise guarantee innovative solutions and effective implementation.

Change Management Assessment Tools

Change Management Assessment Tools

We offer a wide range of assessment tools that can be tailored to suit the needs of your organization. There will be specific assessment tools and key deliverables for each of the HumanCap stages of Change Management as below:

Stakeholder Analysis

This analysis is conducted to be able to identify stakeholder engagement levels by explicitly considering stakeholders interests, identifying and dealing with their concerns and considering the potential for mutual solution.

Readiness Assessment Tools

Change Readiness Assessment (CRA)

CRA is a useful tool in order to diagnose the current situation and evaluate the level of preparedness of your employees, attitude, and resources at all impacted levels. The greater the complexity of the proposed change, the greater the importance of understanding whether there is readiness and acceptance for change as this can be critical for deciding whether it is necessary to intervene. When implemented correctly and thoroughly, CRA can provide a glimpse on the unique characteristics of an organization, making change management either convenient or challenging.

Lack of readiness is not always because people are resisting change, in fact, the lack of readiness can be due to other factors such as behavioural momentum, causal ambiguity, confusion and perception that infrastructure is not ready, sense of insecurity and quite often, simply not knowing what should be done.

Impact Assessment Tools

The 3 key Impact Assessment tools that would be applicable are as follows:

  • 1. Change Impact Assessment (CIA) – capture people impacts arising from the change being introduced
  • 2. Job Impact Assessment (JIA) – capture impacts to the jobs (people in the organisation) arising from the change being introduced

Effectiveness Assessment Tools

Change Effectiveness Assessment

This assessment tool will be required at the end phase of the change cycle when the need to re-assess the various assessments implemented – CIA, OIA, JIA that was applied previously as well as the potential review of the various approach plans to ensure the consistent and sustainability of the change is implemented.

Change Management Training and Certification

HumanCap has been providing customized Change Management training to organizations from various industries. Topics of our expertise include:

Change Management Training and Certification

Our training programs are uniquely designed to fit the organizational requirements of our clients and to cater for different levels and background of participants. Our programs are aimed to help participants understand the theories behind change management, its importance, as well as its application to ensure that participants are not only able to understand and appreciate the common challenges that are frequently faced by change practitioners, but also able to implement the change management tools. By managing change, you can help influence the overall implementation of the change, and minimize resistance from employees.

Who Should Participate:
  • Senior Managers / Managers.
  • Programme / Project Managers.
  • Change Management Practitioners.
  • Heads of PMO / TMO / CMO.