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Leadership Development

Leadership Development Consultancy

Leadership Development Consultancy Overview

Leadership Development

Leaders are the key in developing an innovative, competitive, productive and successful organisation. They set the vision, the pace, the culture and the drive of the organisation. We believe that to reach a healthy bottom line, it takes a leader of conscience to role model, stand up with integrity and lead the organisation with both the mind and the heart.

Effective leadership is pivotal to the success of every organisation. While most organisations recognize this, many are still struggling with developing capable leaders for senior level positions. Developing leaders for senior level positions is much more challenging because it involves cultivating strategic leadership competencies which must be looked at from a longer time horizon.

At HumanCap, we approach leadership development as a long-term issue that requires a systematic intervention which involves developing strategic leadership competencies.

What We Offer

HumanCap Leadership Consultancy help our clients build and expand leadership capabilities for leaders at executive and C-suite levels. We work together with you to develop leadership strategies and frameworks that focus on high-impact development programs, aligns with your corporate strategy, and caters for different levels and background of participants.

We also provide advisory on positioning best fit solutions for your high potential leaders. We assist in defining and designing a chart map for potential leaders to reach their full potential by first understanding their specific areas of strength and weakness. Aligning with organisational goals and strategies, each individual’s leadership track would be specific to their needs.

HumanCap also collaborates with internationally renowned leadership thought leaders and coaches with extensive experience to provide you proven leadership solutions that enable breakthrough mindsets as well as behaviours among your leaders. We have also leveraged our collaboration with these thought leaders in public leadership development conferences to provide you a medium to network with them as well as industry leaders consisting of CEOs, COOs, HR Director, and heads of department, exchange insights on leadership competencies in an environment that enhances and develops professionalism.

How We Add Value

Results oriented.

HumanCap delivers specified outcomes and measurable improvements in business performance. We are also highly committed to client satisfaction and strong client relationships.

Validated leadership assessment.

We offer a range of validated and action-oriented leadership and personality assessment tools to facilitate assessment of leaders against required competencies, and develop appropriate leadership behaviours through various learning interventions.

Extensive industry and client experience.

We bring to our clients a wealth industry and client experience in leadership development.

Leadership Potential Assessment

Leadership Potential Assessment Overview

Leadership Potential Assessment helps to assess candidate’s ability and potential for growth. At HumanCap, our approach is to use a combination of assessment methods that best suits client’s needs. The use of multiple assessment methods will also enable us to triangulate from various data and form a more reliable picture of the candidate. This can then be used to develop learning interventions that balance the general as well as the personalised needs of each trainee.

HumanCap Leadership Learning Model

Our approach to leadership development emphasizes the use of a rich methodology that features experiential learning. Our training design is always customised to client’s unique requirements.

HumanCap Leadership Learning Model

Strategic Leadership Competencies Model

Strategic Leadership Competencies Model

Leadership Assessment Tools

HumanCap’s 360° Leadership Assessment Overview

Improvement begins with awareness and acknowledgement of strengths and weaknesses. It is imperative for any organisation to be able to measure their leadership performance for the sustainability of their success. HumanCap’s 360°Leadership Assessment provides leaders with definitive feedback from multi-dimensions and the organisation with a gauge of the effectiveness of their leadership team.

Developed internally together with local HR Practitioners and Industry Experts with international experience, HumanCap has spent years in research and development, working closely with our clients to deliver a comprehensive assessment tool. This multi-dimensional feedback tool can be used to effectively provide a holistic view of leaders’ development needs, growth and performance. This assessment tool has also been proven to be useful as the basis of talent pool selection for organisations’ succession planning.

An individual’s report across these competencies provides a distinctive and comprehensive understanding into his/her leadership behaviour from the perspectives of those that he/she interacts with. The multi-dimension perspectives will provide critical information and act as a vital guide when analysing and planning for targeted trainings and development interventions. We have also found that individuals have found the compiled insights have become a strong initiator and motivator for change in leadership behaviour.

The following is a list of features that the HumanCap’s 360°Leadership Assessment offers:-

HumanCap’s 360°Leadership Assessment

Personality Assessment

Personality Assessment Overview

Personality assessment has been used as a job fit assessment tool. The assessment measures the degree to which your employees’ various traits needed for the job co-relates to the probability of success in the position, assuming sufficient education and experience. The assessment scores also denote employees’ fit with respective positions, identifies job-specific strengths as well as gaps, and employee behaviour.

Personality assessment tools have also been known to benefit individuals in understanding their traits to leverage strengths in advancing self into areas that they are best at, and understanding gaps to define improvement areas and ability to leverage strengths of others. Personality assessment tools would also increase the awareness of individuals relationships within teams and how best to work together.

What We Offer

Leadership Development - What We Offer

Our approach has always been to start by listening, we analyse and we share a systematic approach to achieve your organisation’s objectives. How we will further add value to implementing the assessment includes:

  • Consultants that have international experience with local expertise in building customised assessments that will meet your assessment goals, as well as align these goals with your organisation’s strategy, values and culture.
  • Assessment tool that supports multiple assessment options allowing the gathering of evidence to confirm or challenge the findings from other assessments.
  • Computerized personality assessment paired together with HumanCap 360° Leadership Assessment giving you an holistic assessment that reflects employees’ performance from other employees’ perspectives, as well as individual’s self-perception on own performance.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and anonymity for all users with protection against inappropriate data usage.
  • User friendly report structure that is easy-to-interpret, with the convenience of side-by-side comparison of the results of multiple candidates (even though different work scope).
  • Consultation to transform your assessment data into actionable and meaningful development programs for improvement, growth and change.

These assessments will provide a basis for development interventions, rewards, recognition and promotions, as well as make present a pool of talent for succession planning purposes.

Relevant Areas of Application for HumanCap’s Assessment Tools

Relevant Areas of Application for HumanCap’s Assessment Tools